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Chairman Chou Tao Chen established Tao Chen Industrial Enterprise in 1972 and changed the company name into existing Toa Dr Enterprise Co., Ltd. in 1983, converting his business from processing services to a product-making plant. With 43 years of continuing progressing, the company has now become increasingly specialized in the manufacturing of metal slitting machines and relevant whole plant sales in Taiwan. The company has also enjoyed several patent rights of its product lines as a result of continued research and development.

Sincerity, profession, and innovation are mottos used to serve its clients. Thus, the company is able to turn out high quality and high caliber products, as an attempt to create more added values eventually.

    Major Industries

  • Stainless steel, cold/hot rolling coils, aluminum, and copper
  • Metal sheet processing plants
  • Rare precious metal precision slitting, Titanium, Nickel, Zirconium
  • Silicon steel slitting in electrical industry

    Product Features

  • Excellent after-sales services—relevant slitting parts production for whole plant machinery equipment and external grinding.
  • Competent R&D capabilities and multi-patent rights; meeting customer requirements, upgrading productivity, and increasing added-value.
  • All products are made in “TOA DR”. The production flow is fully controlled by the company itself, thus ensuring product quality and precision purposes.